Wednesday, July 28, 2010

TV: Breaking Bad (Seasons 1 and 2)

Just a quick note as I have just completed seasons one and two of Breaking Bad. Unfortunately, season 3, which has already aired on AMC is not out on DVD yet, and I don't get the channel anyway, so I'll be waiting to see what happens next.

Anyway, I randomly added this show to our netflix queue and Sean and I both got quickly sucked in. As a quick synopsis, Walter White is a high school chemistry teacher, married with a teenage son, and another child on the way. The news comes that he has terminal cancer and Walt turns to a former student, Jesse, to form a partnership to create and sell crystal meth.

The acting is excellent. The subject matter is very tough. But there are very comedic moments, usually at the expense of dumb drug dealer Jesse (Aaron Paul). And these situations where you are laughing so hard you cry are not funny situations in reality. To call Walter White's transformation from the first episode to the end of season two "dramatic" would be a complete understatement. I have no difficulty understanding how Bryan Cranston has won two Emmys for the role, and that the show itself and actor Aaron Paul have also received repeat nominations. If you aren't watching this show, do yourself a favor and get to it! And have tissues handy, both for the laugh-til-you-cry bits, as well as the devastating moments that come quite regularly.

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