Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Movie: UP

I saw Up last. And I loved it. I cried a lot. And laughed a lot. I am not sure it was a kids' movie, really. But it was really well done, as expected. I have been a Pixar fan for ages and they never disappoint. There are certainly my favorites (Monster's Inc., Finding Nemo) and I have my least favorite (Cars), but even then, I still think of them all as really good.

Up deals with some surprisingly dark and grown up issues (death and loss). I don't generally find that I cry in animated features but this one just really got to me. I spent more time laughing but cried several different times during the movie. So that is my warning to bring tissues with you to the theater.

I would try and explain the plot, but it is kind of random. Instead, I'll just mention a few things I love about it.

Dug and the other dogs. They have collars that translate their thoughts into spoken words. But they are still done from a dog's perspective (sentences are often interrupted by an exclamation of "Squirrel!"). And I might have to buy this book.

Russell. Also termed "small mailman" by the dogs. He was really cute and sweet, and very well-animated (per my animator husband). He was excellent at unknowingly antagonizing the old geezer Mr. Fredrickson (voiced by Ed Asner).

Mr. Fredrickson himself was just a bit too old man angry. I love sweet old people but mean ones are the worst!! Of course, that is the point, and as you would expect, he comes around in the end.

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