Monday, June 08, 2009

Casting News

Here is some casting news to be happy about:

Neil Patrick Harris scored not one, but two movie roles, announced today. The first is called The Best and the Brightest, an indie comedy. The second is Beastly (a book which I did not particularly care for) and Harris is cast in one of the few roles that I enjoyed in the book. He will play a blind tutor that can't see how "beastly" Kyle has become, and accepts him. I am glad to see NPH getting some work, since I adore him as Barney on How I Met Your Mother and he was AWESOME on the Tony Awards. In fact, there is already speculation that he might host the Emmys this year, as well!

Katee Sackhoff might be dragging me back to 24 after I had given it up for good. I so adore her from Battlestar Galactica that I might have to return to the drama to check her out, now that she has been cast as a regular for the upcoming season.


Esther said...

Hey Linz,
Great news about the movies. I met NPH at the stage door at Waiting for Godot on Saturday. He is very cute and was very gracious to everyone who wanted a photo or an autograph. Really a classy person.

Emily said...

It will be nice to see Katee Sackhoff on 24. I wonder what her role will be. More likely a villain or field agent than a CTU systems analyst.