Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Quick thoughts on SYTYCD last night

Noelle & Russell - I was distracted by the props. The dancing was fine, but I was too busy staring at the racquets.

Ashley & Jakob - I think Jakob dances beautifully and this is a great pairing. But I am OK with the kissing NOT happening again. I wonder who hated the kissing more: Jakob or Ashley. lol Anyway, these two will make it far together.

Bianca & Victor - The song and concept were so high energy but the performance fell flat. Victor was much better than Bianca, in my opinion.

Molly & Nathan - Not as many of the traditional Bollywood moves as we have seen in teh past, but I thought they both looked great. Nathan IS pretty. And Molly just looks so young!

Channing & Phillip - I just didn't care about this one. And it sounds like the judges weren't loving it either.

Kevin & Karen - It was raunchtastic. I kind of like watching Kevin in his element.

Catherine & Legacy - I liked this dance. Legacy is growing on me. I wasn't crazy about him at first (for his odd personality at his audition).

Pauline & Peter - Peter really surprised me in this. I was thoroughly entertained. Wade's routines always have a similar feel to them, but I don't mind. I usually like his dances.

Ellenore & Ryan - I was distracted by her dress being caught on her heel half the time, but she managed it.I thought they did great, but the music was not quite my favorite for the choreography.

Victor looked kinda hot in his solo. Gotta say. And I was OK with who went home because I think the tappers were a little boring on the show. But I felt sad for Phillip about his dad. The end!


Emily said...

I'm happy to see you posting about SYTYCD again! You came up with a very appropriate term for Kevin and Karen's hip hop: raunchtastic. I like that. We had the same opinions about most of the performances, although it sounds like you liked Peter and Pauline's more than I did.

After this week my favorites are Ryan and Ellenore, Jakob and Ashleigh, and Legacy and Kathryn. I'm really surprised that Ashleigh is in that list, since in the beginning I thought she was too pageanty for my taste.

Linz McC said...

I am surprised to say that I think Jakob & Ashleigh and Legacy & Kathryn (notice I didn't spell any of the names right in my post haha) seem like the ones to beat right now.

Tab & Napoleon don't always go the raunchtastic route, but it was appropriate for Karen's hips. And I think that Adam would be willing to switch teams for her. :)

Were you surprised by Victor's solo? I didn't know he could dance like that and it was the best I have ever seen but it didn't match his personality and what I expected of him. I guess I hadn't paid him much attention before that.

Emily said...

I don't remember much about his solo, but I do remember thinking there was no way they were going to send him home instead of Phillip. He's was definitely dancing for his life, I guess!