Thursday, October 08, 2009


So I finally watched Watchmen. Emily had suggested that I keep my expectations low if I wanted to enjoy it. I am glad I decided to take her advice. I was entertained but it was beyond ridiculous on so many levels. Of course, those are not my type of movies. Those campy comic-book-y film adaptations of graphic novels.

The cast of this one was appealing to me. I loved Matthew Goode in Brideshead Revisited. But in Watchmen his accent was sketchy, sounding different in every scene. His voice is too soft and mild for an American accent. I prefer his British one. Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Magician will make you forget all about the sweet doomed Denny Duquette. He is a jerk and sleaze, and while he eventually learns an important "lesson" you don't find much sympathy for him. Patrick Wilson did the same thing to me in this one that he did in Little Children. He made me watch him having awkward sex. He doesn't hold back, does he?

And do we need to discuss the naked man? I guess not, but I will say this: My husband is an animator. We know what goes into animating even a short little shot. Someone sat and stared at the fake "privates" for MONTHS on end. And then do you tell people that you worked on the animated penis? Or do you just pretend you didn't? Do you put it on your demo reel when trying to get new work? We had a long convo about it. :)

All in all, I wasn't bored watching Watchmen. But I wouldn't watch it again and I probably wouldnt' recommend it to anyone...

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