Tuesday, May 06, 2008

TV Thoughts

I have been out of town for several days and am still catching up on shows. But I wanted to put a few thoughts out there on the stuff I have managed to see.

LOST - So we saw the moment Jack really starts to lose it. I still think the turning point was the moment he beat up Ben after he thought the guys on the beach had been killed (last season's finale). But here we find out that his visit to Hurley and subsequent Father/Son time has sent him bonkers, to the point of screwing up the good thing he had going with Kate. A couple of questions. Why was his chest and stomach completely hair-free? And I couldn't see a scar from his appendectemy. Also, I thought it was a good point that Rose made, "Why is the island letting Jack get sick" when we know the island is a healing one.

New thought on Claire: I don't think she will die because the psychic said that she is the only one that should raise Aaron, which tells me that she will eventually raise him. But that is just my interpretation.

Battlestar Galactica - I really like the interaction between Leoban and Starbuck. I also saw that mutiny coming from a mile away. Did anyone notice how nice Helo looks with his hair mussed and all sweaty? :) I really like Helo and how far his character has come from having puppy-dog eyes for Sharon to being a real leader. The interaction between Baltar & Tyrol was very sweet and well-acted. They were both actually genuine and it was clearly what they both needed at that point in time. Can we kill off Tory already?

Dancing with the Stars - The leaderboard order is really starting to jump. I don't know if I thought Cristian & Cheryl's dances were worthy of them being on the top. But good for them for overcoming the obstacle of his injured arm. It was all I could stare at while they danced. My guess for the bottom 2 tonight is Mario/Karina and Marissa/Tony (although I love Marissa and hope they don't go home!).

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