Tuesday, May 13, 2008

American Idol: Final 3 Face Off

Tonight's episode is my favorite episode of every season. The one where the judges (to hear the style the judges have been wanting the contestants to sing all season), the contestants (to hear the style the contestants have wished they could sing all season), and the producers (to hear the style the producers will force upon the contestants for the album) each choose a song. So 3 songs each! Let's get started.

David Archuleta

Judge's choice (Paula): And So It Goes by Billy Joel - I absolutely adore this song. Probably my favorite Billy Joel song. I really liked that he did the first part a capella, and the the light orchestra came in. Really pretty. Kind of same old David. Flubbed the words a bit. But I liked it.

Contestant's choice: With You by Chris Brown. This choice shocked me. And I was so glad to hear he is singing something current (while it is my least favorite Chris Brown song to date). I actually hollered out in excitement. Some of the words were funny to hear him singing. But at least I could begin to imagine what he would sound like singing a current R&B song. It was a smart move. All that to say, I still found it awkward.

Producer's choice: Longer by Dan Fogelberg - Along the same cheese lines as usual. I liked his performance, but the producers picked THAT song? They want us to see him as that type of singer?

Syesha Mercado

Judge's choice (Randy): If I Ain't Got You by Alicia Keys - We know that Syesha picks the songs of big voices, but who knew the judges would pick someone like Alicia, too? She sounds great and all, but pick something to showcase a different side of her! I just felt like it was a bit copy-cat. I couldn't get Alicia's version out of my head, so it paled in comparison. (Simon agreed with my assessment!)

Contestant's choice: Fever by Peggy Lee - Fun song. I think she just wants to have a good time. And she uses the chair (or chay-er??) for her performance. She sang it fine. She seems to enjoy performing (and not just singing) which makes her pleasant to watch. But she is still just... Fine is a good description. The judges pretty much ripped her up.

Producer's choice: Hit Me Up by Gia Farrell This song makes a little more sense from the producers (as opposed to Lil' David). I don't love it. She is more in her comfort zone with a slower, bigger ballad. It was a strange performance.

David Cook

Judge's choice (Simon): The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face by Roberta Flack - Once again, David proves he can actually sing, and not just perform like a rocker. So good. So hot. Loved it. Simon's song choice was great to showcase his talent in a different way than usual.

Contestant's choice: Dare You To Move by Switchfoot. I am a big fan of Switchfoot. Love this song! And it is an interesting song choice. I wish he wasn't singing so long in his lower register, which is weaker in my opinion. But he really can rock out any song if he wants to. It had a rockier feel than the original. I agreed with Paula about the timing and the rush of the song.

Producer's choice: I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing by Aerosmith - I am disappointed to hear that the has to sing this. And I am sure it is like his worst nightmare. It is one of the least "rock" Aerosmith songs. All that to say, I thought he did a good job. I liked the performance with the orchestra. And of course he was able to "rock it up" as he normally does (thank goodness). I love rock mixed with orchestra (see Metallica's S&M album. so good.).

Final Thoughts:

Favorite performance: David Cook's The First Time...
Least favorite performance: Syesha's Hit Me Up
Final two: David & David (big surprise)

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Vance said...

What were the producers thinking? Lame choices. Though I didn't mind David As only cause he saved it with his velveeta cheese voice. LOVE it.

I almost forgot about Switchfoot. I loved that song but totally forgot about it until now again.