Wednesday, May 14, 2008

American Idol: Final 3 Results Show

Tonight, we get to see our Final Two Idols. First we get to see everyone's trips back home. Did they really need police escorts? After seeing David A's trip home (Murray City, UT), I guess so. It was sweet to see young, awkward David crying when he went home. He got to see his home-town support. It reminded me that he is just a kid. Then, Syesha got to go home (Sarasota, FL), and she cried, too. Is David C. going to cry too? We head to Kansas City, MO where the fans came out even in the pouring rain. No tears yet... But how cute were the elementary school kids screaming. And he cried! Three for three. And all that to say, this was a big show of filler (as you would expect). And I watched every second.

So anyway, now the elimination:

Going home: Syesha Mercado

Final Two: David Archuleta & David Cook

Well, didn't EVERY person in America (and Canada) call that one? Even Syesha knew. Can't wait for next week. And I am tired of being tied to this!

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Vance said...

But then we'll get tied to SYTYCD next week!!!