Tuesday, May 20, 2008

American Idol - The Final Two Perform

I have been slow on the posts lately because I moved over the weekend. And so tonight is not only the first TV I have watched since Friday, but it is the first non-DVR show I have watched in a couple of years. On top of that, I am now on the East Coast, so not only have I had to adjust back to 8pm instead of 7pm for the start of prime time, but I am a full 3 HOURS behind everyone else I know watching TV. I hope no one spoils any of my TV.

Round One: Songs chosen by Clive Davis. Clive chose two songs I absolutely adore, as well as songs that I think are a good fit for the singers. It was quite a face-off.

CookI Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For by U2 – It was very well performed. Again, I can see the type of album the producers (aka Clive Davis) are aiming for here. And I like it.

Archuleta - Don’t Let the Song Go Down on Me by Elton John – I love this song, particularly George Michael’s live version, with Elton John guesting on the second verse. But I have to say, as a person who has not LOVED David Arrchuleta this season, that was an excellent performance. You can tell he either decided to step up his game or the adrenaline of the finale/larger venue was motivating his stronger performance.

Round One Winner: David Archuleta (I said that BEFORE Simon said it, not because)

Round Two
: New Song, Contestant Choice

CookDream Big, written by Emily Shackleton – Well, we knew it would be cheesy, right? I mean the lyrics are ALWAYS cheesy, and David still performed it well enough, that I didn’t think it was as cheesy as the usual.

ArchuletaIn This Moment, written by Ryan Gilmore – Of course, David would not only pick the cheesier song choice, but he would excel at it because it is his comfort zone. I can’t imagine hearing it on the radio, but I have never been able to imagine Archuleta on the radio, anyway.

Round Two Winner: David Archuleta (He is just better at cheese)

Round Three: Contestant’s Choice

CookThe World I Know by Collective Soul - David is pretty good at picking songs that are relevant, in his range, in his style, and people would know. But he probably could have picked a better song. All that to say, I still liked it. (Did Paula really say “You’re standing in your truth”?)

ArchuletaImagine by John Lennon – I am disappointed that David chose to sing a song he has already performed on the show, even though the first time he performed it, it was great. This was probably one of my favorite performances of his then, and it sounded the same this time around, so it was good again.

Round Three Winner: David Archuleta

Wow, these boys cry as much as any female contestants we have ever seen. Will one of them choke their way through their winning song tomorrow a la Kelly Clarkson’s A Moment Like This? Possibly so.

I give this competition to David Archuleta, and my guess is that it will be better for Cook to not win, and not be under as many contractual obligations. Plus, he won’t have to release that cheesefest Dream Big any time soon. Here’s hoping. But I am hoping that Archuleta can come up with a new response tomorrow night if he wins, than this shock and thankfulness. Not that I think he is insincere, I just would like to see him say thank you and accept his accolades.

Oh Reuben!! That song is just horrendous, but glad to see he is as smiley as always.

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