Friday, May 09, 2008

Lost - "Cabin Fever"

I didn't enjoy last week's episode as much as I would have liked. I am not sure if it had to to with the content of the episode, or that I had to wait till Sunday to watch it at 10:30 at night, with my husband who had already seen the episode.

But not this week. I waited till 9:20, which is when I start watching so I can FF through commercials on my Tivo. I had accidentally found out this would be a Locke-centric episode, so I knew it was going to be a good one. Besides Ben, I believe that Locke may be the only character that has flashed back all the way to his birth. That just tells me that the flashbacks aren't necessarily memories, just explanations of a person's background.

John Locke - Sean totally called that it was Richard standing in the window looking at baby John in the hospital (Hey, I called Abaddon!). My question: Is he not aging? Or is he doing some sort of time jumping? My guess is that he is not aging. And, was it me or was that the largest 3 month preemie you have ever seen?

So Richard's gang thinks that Locke is "chosen" from a very early age, huh? But then he chooses the knife and it is all over. What changed? Why is he "chosen" now? Or is he?

"We have to move the island." Well, there had to be some explanation of why Widmore (among many others) can't locate the island. Here it is: It moves. I have read speculation that it moves, with many responses that that is just the stupidest suggestion ever. Is ANYTHING out of the realm of possibility on this show? I think not, so quit your whining and enjoy it.

Keamy - Was it me or was there a gratuitous viewing of old Keamy's bulging muscles during the scene where Lapidis & Michael/Kevin were watching him strap that thing to his arm? I am not on the "Sexy Keamy" bandwagon - he kind of creeps me out. But I am sure that was pleasing to many a Keamy fan. In the meantime, this guy is NUTS! And, oops, what do you know? He slit that doctor's throat and through him overboard. Sean pointed out that the dead doctor and the helicopter set out about the same time for the island, and the dead body arrived much much earlier than the copter. I was thinking that it would be partially due the bearing that the body "took" to the island. But I also wonder if Lapidis might take the wrong bearing on purpose. And YAY he threw the comm phone over the side of the copter, but what will that do? How will that help?

Claire - She is SO dead. Or is she? I still really want her to be able to raise Aaron! But, yeah I think she is dead. How else can you explain her seemingly stoner self?

Love this show.

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