Tuesday, May 06, 2008

American Idol - Top 4 Performances

Tonight, the song selections are coming from the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. So basically, they have years and years of rock (& roll) to choose from. Song selection should be interesting. What cheese-fest song will David A. choose tonight? You would NOT believe how many people are in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. These singers could have chosen almost ANYthing. Let's see what they picked, shall we?

David Cook - Hungry Like the Wolf - It wasn't my favorite performance from David, but I think it is because it was a lot in his lower register, which isn't his strength. I didn't dislike it, but he has had so many good performances, that the ones I don't love are that much more obvious.

Baba O'Reilly - It was slightly iffy on the lower parts, and slightly slow getting started, but I loved the performance. I really like this song and Sean and I both expected him to do a good job.

Syesha Mercado - Proud Mary - This was a big undertaking, and of course, Tina Turner fits right in with all the other divas that Syesha sings. Oh, but did she have to do the "moves?" It was a fine performance, but if you read my previous Idol blog posts, she is just not my fave. As my husband hollered (yes, hollered) from the other room, "Eh..."

A Change is Gonna Come - She sang a bunch of long notes that she likes to use to show off her voice. It was, again, just OK. I am tired of writing that every week. Time to go... (But at least what Paula & Simon said was really nice)

Jason Castro - I Shot the Sheriff - Could anything have been as obvious of a song choice for Jason as Bob Marley? But I didn't love the performance. And it was weird seeing his dreads bouncing around while he was channeling Bob Marley. I just didn't like it.

Mister Tambourine Man - The first Bob was a failure. What about the second Bob? Much better than round one. Still maybe not my favorite performance (especially when he forgot the lyrics). The judges know that they can't make an Idol of Jason (like they could of David and David), and I agree.

David Archuleta - Stand By Me - I love this song. He sounds a bit like he is out of breath when he sings. He has a really beautiful voice and I liked the performance. Didn't love it (Wow! the audience sure did), but liked it. The things that bother me about his singing are always so apparent (the awkwardness, the breathing, the lips-licking)

Love Me Tender - What do you know? David didn't do his usual save the world piece. For all the girls who love him, you would think he would play to his audience and perform more love songs. But let's face it. He has probably not experienced love yet. It was very pretty, and not just an Elvis copycat performance.

Bottom 2: Jason & Syesha
Going home: Syesha (although, I would not be surprised in the least if Jason heads home instead)

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