Wednesday, May 21, 2008

American Idol - And the winner is...

First off, let's discuss the show so far. I am watching it without rewind (or FF) capabilities and with an antenna, meaning that I can't see it all that well. And, UGH! I hate being on the west coast. Everyone else has seen this before I have even started! Onto the festivities.

So are these dancers the SYTYCD gang, or am I seeing thing? During the Donna Summer medley Top 6 ladies performance, I think I saw Hok, so I figured it was his dance crew. Speaking of the Donna Summer songs, did anyone look closely at Amanda during this performance. Her lack of movement and facial expression was a source of amusement for us.

Let's back up to the performance of Heroes (by Nickelback, I think), performed by our two finalists. I thought David Cook stood out more in this song, probably because of the genre of music.

I enjoyed the Top 6 Guys performance of the Bryan Adams medley. I was glad to see Chikezie, but not David Hernandez so much... And then Bryan Adam sang Ray's song from 90210! I am pretty sure this song has been performed at the Peach Pit...After Dark.

We agreed that the professionals kept showing up the performers. Maybe they should reconsider bringing them into sing with the contestants...

I am sure it was cool for David Cook to sing with ZZ Top, but it seems cool that he got to play guitar, too. I don't know how these guys aren't intimidated by the legends they are performing with. That was a fun guitar solo with a little singing on the side.

(I would be okay if I never had to see Mikala again.)

I loved Brooke's performance with Graham Nash. It was very folksy and I got to hear (again) what type of record I am sure she'll be making. Can't wait. Love her. And he kept her on tempo!

(Did anyone else NOT fast forward through the Guitar Hero commercial starring David Cook doing his best Risky Business Tom Cruise impression, without pants and all? I am not sure I was prepared to see him without pants on, but at least it wasn't gross.)

I enjoyed watching David Archuleta singing with One Republic. This song fit his voice really well. If I closed my eyes, I could ALMOST hear him singing a current song on pop radio.

(And there was David Archuleta's Guitar Hero commercial, too.)

So they have now begun a George Michael medley, so GM himself BETTER be coming down those stairs in a second. On a side note, I like the men in black suits and the ladies in black dresses. They look lovely! And there he is!!!! Love me some George Michael (I actually clapped really hard when he came out and now my palms hurt). But his glasses are very bad. I was glad to hear him sing Praying for Time, since Carrie Underwood performed it on Idol Gives Back a few weeks back (and daily on my ipod).

OK, finally the announcement. First Simon apologizes to Cook, which I (and my sister Jenna) appreciated and am I sure he did, too. The winner is... David Cook!! OK, I really did NOT see that coming. But I am so happy for him. And I love him all the more for being a crier. My sister-in-law Kristin's whopping 40 votes must have paid off! Well, I can't wait to hear his album.

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