Thursday, June 25, 2009

SYTYCD Top 16 Results

So tonight's bottom three couples were

Asuka & Vitolio
Karla & Jonathan
Caitlin & Jason

Asuka - I am never a fan of the ballroom solos. They always seem to be the same thing, especially for the girls. Weird Riverdance leg movements and head grabs with a big smile. So she was fine but I wasn't excited about it.

Vitolio - OK, first off let me say "no thanks" on that ending. What was that? But his dance felt over the top and desperate.

Karla - I like her music choice of Radiohead. Points for that. But the dancing was so strange and I just couldn't enjoy it. Reminded me of a monkey or something.

Jonathan - He has "ballroom legs"!! And I enjoyed the non-ballroom part. It was pretty good, but not sure it will keep him around over the other two guys. He is just a little bit blah...

Caitlin - Her solo was pretty and seemed the most heartfelt of the solos. I don't think she is in trouble of going home.

Jason - He has a great solo and it is also really heartfelt. It beats Caitlin's for best of the night.

So heading home tonight is:



For much better thoughts about the episode, check out Vance and Emily's opinions (when they get them posted).

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