Wednesday, June 24, 2009

SYTYCD Top 16 Performances

I have yet to post anything about this season of SYTYCD's performances. So I am making an effort to get it going tonight. So let's get this party started. Tonight, joining Nigel and Mary, is Toni Basil (the hat!). I am still really tired of Cat prompting the audience to say "jidges." I think it was cute like twice and now we need to move on.

Karla & Jonathan - Hip hop by Dave Scott
Dave described this as gangsta with emotion. Jonathan had a hard time getting the "gangsta" thing down in the rehearsal. It didn't bode well for his performance. Karla really brought the 'tude. But Jonathan, he tried, but it just wasn't doing it for me. I was so distracted by him that I just couldn't enjoy this dance. And the judges really did not like it. Nigel was harsh, taking bets that they would be in the bottom 3 couples. Harsh.

Osaka & Vitolio - Jazz by Mandy Moore
Thrash Rocker Jazz. That is how Mandy described this dance. Poor Osaka got very frustrated. This happens every season where someone gets frustrated and cries. But I am sure she'll make it through. I usually love Mandy's choreography, but this was kind of strange to me. Maybe it was the dancers' interpretation? But Osaka was so "ballroom-y" during it. And I did not like Vitolio's blue pants. Maybe I am being too harsh, but for now I am 0 for 2 on tonight's dances. The judges like it, so maybe I just didn't get it.

Melissa & Ade - Rumba by Tony Meredith
These two had to have bring out their sensuality for this dance. And master the ballroom moves. I really like Melissa & Ade. They managed to ooze the sex for this dance. And I don't know if Tony just choreographed this well for them both, but I thought they looked great. Their chemistry is great. I am relieved to see a dance I like. And the judges liked it, too.

Jeanette & Brandon - Hip hop by Dave Scott
Rock & roll meets hip hop. Should be a fun mash-up. I am interested in the dance, in theory. But can these dancers pull it off? Wait, first off. What do they have her wearing? OK, moving on to the actual dancing. Brandon was surprisingly good at the hip hop. I didn't think he could pull it off. And I enjoyed it. Jeanette was good, too, but I felt like the hip hop dancing in this choreo was what drew your attention.

Kayla & Kupono - Viennese Waltz by Jean-Marc Genereaux
I am already bummed for them before they start dancing because they are doing ballroom. It is their first week together and it would have been nice to get a more audience-pleasing dance selection. So here's hoping because I like the two of them. Kayla's flowy dress really adds to this performance. But I am not sure that they are doing so well technically. It wasn't bad for me but not amazing either. And it sounds like the Nigel felt about that way about it, too. But, alas, Mary put them on the hot tamale train. I wish she hadn't...

Randi & Evan - Contemporary by Mia Michaels
The choreographer that everyone hopes to get. Almost always keeps you out of the bottom 3. And I love Evan. And Randi. So fingers crossed on this one. So the point of this is that Evan is hypnotized by the booty. Huh. First off, immediately distracted by his outfit. What is tat? It is so huge and baggy. I thought Randi was sexy and stunning. This had more of a jazz feel than a contemporary feel to me. I enjoyed it. Not the best Mia routine ever, but enjoyable. The judges liked it quite well.

Caitlin & Jason - Jean Marc & France Genereaux
Paso Doble is one of my favorite dances. I think it does a good job of giving the man a really masculine part to play. And I feel it is one of the ballroom dances that puts the pressure on the man over the woman to be on display. But if not pulled off correctly, it quickly looks sloppy. And this just felt sloppy. Unfortunately. I just wasn't crazy about it. The judges gave it compliments but I felt they just thought it was alright. Oh, did I mention Jason has a good upper body? I am not surprised now that I hear he is a soccer player. They have the best bodies.

Jeanine & Phillip - Broadway by Tyce Diorio
First of all, Sean pointed out a huge hole in Phil's pants that I am pretty sure is NOT supposed to be there. I like the use of the pillows and feathers, and the routine was cute. But it didn't feel to me like a routine that requires a lot of technique, but instead just a lot of energy. That may be what gets Jeanine & Phillip through this week.

Lease fave couples:
Karla & Jonathan
Caitlin & Jason

My fave couples:
Melissa & Ade and Janette & Brandon

Going home:
I don't even know...

I am having trouble really finding a favorite this season. Anyone else?

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