Friday, June 05, 2009

Movie: The Reader

I finally watched The Reader for which Kate Winslet won the Best Actress Oscar this year. I was very curious to see her performance and I had heard it was great (but a bit of a downer). Kate was phenomenal, as expected. And she reinforced her positioning as one of my favorite actresses currently on screen. She never disappoints.

I was also very impressed by David Kross. I enjoyed watching him so much that when the time came to use an older actor for the part (Ralph Feinnes) that I was disappointed, and that is saying a lot since I consider Feinnes to be such a great actor.

The Reader does a good job of making you empathize with a person that really has no real empathy-inducing qualities. Instead, you see her through the eyes of a young and naive boy. It is a dark subject matter and has been quite controversial. I have started reading the book as I was hoping to get a little more insight on a couple of details in the movie. I'll let you know what I think.

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