Sunday, June 07, 2009

Movie: Land of the Lost

OK, so Land of the Lost isn't doing so great at the box office. It fell $10 million short of its expected $30 million opening weekend take. But that is OK, because I still need to support my husband. I headed out to see it today with my husband and a couple of friends in tow.

Well, I can't say it is the best movie I have seen recently (come on, I saw Star Trek and Up!). There were some weird parts and some major continuity problems. But mainly, it was just the regular Will Ferrel schtick that we usually pay money for. I am sure people were confused weather it was supposed to be for children or for adults.

However, while it wasn't my favorite movie, there were really funny parts and some pretty good bits that make you jump. The t-rex was appropriately scary. And the animation was sharp! OK, OK, my husband did animation on this one. In fact, that is why I lived in Mumbai, India for 3 months. And I was so proud of his work. I always enjoy waiting for his name to scroll across the screen and do a proper clap and holler combination. This time his name was set apart since he was an animation supervisor. And high-five to him for his hard work and for bringing home the bacon. And for doing such a cool job.

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