Thursday, June 19, 2008

SYTYCD - Top 18 Results Show

It is time again for us to say goodbye to "one girl and one guy" on So You Think You Can Dance. And we kick tonight's results show off with a Shane Sparks choreographed routine. I gotta say it was HOT!! Our hip hops got to take front and center and show us their stuff. And let's face it, I didn't even look at any of the other dancers in this number. I have missed Shane so far this season and am glad to have him back in a choreographing capacity, but I would love to see him either as a judge, or choreographing for one or two of our couples.

Nigel, Mary & Mia are all back on the judges stand, and thank goodness none of them have crimped hair tonight! Cat didn't waste any time getting the first three couples out on stage. Here is how it went!

Katee & Joshua - He is my favorite contestant right now, so I really root for them every week. And of course, they are SAFE!

Kherington & Twitch - I thought this was a beautiful performance, but to compare it to last year's Mia Michaels' "personal choreography", there could have been some hating from the public. However, Cat let's us know that that is not the case. They are SAFE!

Chelsie & Thayne - In thinking about their performance last night, I think they just didn't have the chemistry last night. I can see why they are the first couple in the BOTTOM 3! I am not complaining because 1) I called it and 2) I want to see their solos.

And now, our next set of 3 couples are on stage.

Chelsea & Mark - This was my favorite performance last night, and America agreed. They are SAFE!

Kourtni & Matt - I am hoping they are safe this week. I like them and I don't think Matt has a lack of personality like Nigel says. Fortunately, American liked them this week. SAFE!

Jessica & Will - They were bottom 3 last week and, although the judges go on and on about them (or mainly Will), I am not crazy about them. Plus, I don't like the Will-pushing, but I guess that America didn't mind either. They are SAFE! Sneaky announcement, Cat.

How come I just saw a commercial during the break that said "The best dance show on TV is back" talking about America's Best Dance Crew? That was wrong...

Susie & Marquis - I'm not a fan of them and would be surprised to hear they are not in the bottom 3. And I am not disappointed. BOTTOM 3!

Chris & Comfort - Between this couple and Courtney & Gev, Chris & Comfort are definitely bottom 3. I predicted last night they would be. And I love being right! BOTTOM 3.

Courtney & Gev - I was proud of Gev going out of his comfort zone. Glad they are SAFE!

Oh goodness, I am not a fan of Flamenco dancing, but perhaps I should be paying more attention. :) However, I am not use to seeing Flamenco without the flowy skirt.

I can do without the Snuggle on the Street performances.


Chelsie - Her thighs are unbelievable. She has too much charisma to be sent home tonight. And I think she could beat everyone else up with those muscles.

Thayne - I liked his solo but didn't think it was amazing. He is so jolly.

Susie - It was OK and just what I would have thought it would be. I hope she goes home.

Marquis - He has some impressive moves. I really liked his solo and he seemed to really lay it on the line.

Comfort - I was looking forward to her solo. While it wasn't spectacular, no way is she going home.

Chris - I thought he brought more emotion than Thayne, but I think it is between the two of them.

Up next, the Flo Rida performance. I realize they need it to fill time, but I am not often interested in seeing the musical performers on the results shows. Tonight is no exception. If I could FF, I would... Sorry Flo.

Now for our goodbyes. But first, we have to hear about Nigel's love for Kobe Bryan (??).

Going home:


Marquis - I guess he was just too "trick"-y.

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Emily said...

I totally agree about the flamenco dancer! I couldn't stop laughing the whole time because it looked like the kind of silly dancing I do at home when no one is watching! That's probably disrespectful of a complex dance style, but I just wasn't impressed. Susie's solo was more about her swinging her hair than her hips, and I was perfectly fine to say goodbye to her and Marquis. And finally, you're right - Thayne is very jolly! But I do like him.