Wednesday, July 08, 2009

SYTYCD - Top 12 Performances

Tonight the couples all dance twice. I wonder if next week they will split up from their current partners and dance with other dancers. Pretty sure that will happen soon. In the meantime, 12 dances means lots of typing to do. Let's get started. Tonight's third judge is Tyce Diorio.

Melissa & Ade
Dance 1: Disco by Doriana Sanchez
Doriana's routines are never my fave, so I was immediately concerned. However, Janette & Brandon made it through unscathed a few weeks ago. Ade's outfit was WAY too shiney. Technically, I think it was executed adequately but not amazingly and I just wasn't blown away. At all. But I blame the choreo and the dance style to a high degree. Props to Melissa for that split over Ade's head. She fell at the end but nothing too bad. Didn't really affect my opinion of the dance. However, the judges loved it.

Dance 2: Waltz by Ron Montez
This dance was pretty and flowy. I never know what to say about the waltz. I kind of rely on the judges' comments because I always feel lost. This is one of my favorite pairings and I feel sad to see them split next week. Looks like the judges liked it fine but weren't giving a standing ovation or anything...

Kayla & Kupono
Dance 1: Contemporary by Mia Michaels
Mia's choreography was about addiction, where Kupono is the thing that Kayla is addicted to. And Kupono had a personal connection with the theme. I really liked it. A lot. And I think you could really tell during the dance that they were both really emotionally invested in the dance. The "addiction" idea REALLY came through as you could see Kayla trying to get away and Kupono's control over everything she did. It was so sad, but I loved it. Kupono is finally living up to still being here. For several weeks, I thought he wasn't good enough, but this (along with last week's vamp-dance) is proving me wrong, yet again. I will agree with Nigel that I felt like Kayla's face was hidden by her hair. Would have like to see the emotion on her face that was peeking out here and there.

Dance 2: Broadway by Joey Dowling
Joey's routine is a love-at-first-sight story. The idea was cute and i really liked the choreography. They were not always together but for the most part I really enjoyed it. I am not sure that I thought the energy of the dance was matched with the song from West Side Story. The judges had mixed opinions. Regardless, this pair should NOT end up in the bottom 3.

Caitlin & Jason
Dance 1: Foxtrot by Tony Meredith & Melanie Lapatin
I liked the jazzy style the choreographers gave the dance. And I thought Jason was more enjoyable to watch. He had a little swagger to his steps. But I was overall just a bit bored with the dance. Not so much their fault, but how do you follow a Mia contemporary routine with a foxtrot and expect high marks. The judges weren't jumping out of their seats for the dance but were satisfied with the performance.

Dance 2: Lyrical Jazz by Mandy Moore
I say it every time. I love Mandy Moore and so I put a lot of pressure and expectation into her dances. Was it me or was Caitlin smiling a little too much for this dance? Jason looked amazing. I have really grown to like him. I felt like he out-shined Caitlin, but overall I enjoyed the dance and thought it was pretty to watch. It was just missing something, I think. And the judges felt similarly.

Jeanine & Phillip
Dance 1: Russion Folk Dance by Youri Nelzine & Lilia Babenko
Oh no, when they said this duo would be dancing this style, I had a bad feeling. Phillip has an AMAZING solo but is just not that great at the other styles. I was right to be concerned. It was very awkward. Jeanine looked great. But poor Phillip just doesn't have the chops. Cheers to the show for adding a new dance style. All that said, I am sure it was a very exhausting dance and I give them credit for getting through it. I also credit the choreographers for adding in steps and designing the dance to allow Phillip to do some hip-hop-looking moves. The judges didn't like it but I think they just didn't like the new dance style and there wasn't much else to say.

Dance 2: Jive by Tony Meredith & Melanie Lapitan
Phillip is a sailor who has been out to see and is home to see his love. You know what? This was better than I expected. I just hae low expectations for Phillip and I thought he did a pretty good job on the steps. Both had great energy and Jeanine looked great. The judges loved it.

Randi & Evan
Dance 1: Hip Hop by Tabitha & Napoleon
This detailed dance is a story about a couple expecting a baby. Randi was better at the hard hip hop moves than Evan. Neither is a hip hop dancer and you can tell. It wasn't amazing dancing. But the story was fun and I just love these two anyway. I think they are popular with fans, too, so I am guessing they won't have any trouble making it through even thought it wasn't their best performance. The judges liked it.

Dance 2: Samba by Pasha Kovalev & Anya Garnis
YEA!!! Pasha!!! Oh how I love him. I like Anya, too, but I LOVE Pasha. I really wanted them to pull this off well. And let's face it: If Pasha and Anya were performing this routine, it would have been super hot. So much of this style is attitude, and I am not sure that these two have the attitude it requires. The tricks were fun. The moves were fine. But the sex appeal wasn't there. Maybe it was a lack of confidence. So it wasn't my favorite of their dances. The judges felt it was not quite there. Even though I didn't feel this was their night, I don't really expect them to be in the bottom 3.

Janette & Brandon
Dance 1: Argentine Tango by Leonard Barrionuevo & Miriam Larici
I have enjoyed the Argentine Tango in the past (remember Ivan & Allison's -- so good). Janette looked great, danced amazingly, and exuded the sex that this dance requires. And Brandon was a good partner. but I wasn't crazy about how stiff he seemed. And his steps didn't seem perfect for me. However, all three judges gave them a standing ovation and Mary did plenty of screaming. I mean, good grief they loved it! It was good, but just didn't blow me away like that.

Dance 2: Jazz by Wade Robson
Lots of stories behind the dances tonight. This one is about a couple of thieves. Wade's routines are hit-or-miss for me. Wade really loves Roisin Murphy songs on this show ("Rama-Lama" and "Night of the Dancing Flame" were both used in season past). I really loved this dance. It was fun. Very vaudeville and cartoony. Well-executed but more just well choreographed.

Cat announced that the duos will break up after tonight, so I was right! But I am curious to see how the dancers will fare with other partners.

Fave Pairing of the night: Brandon & Janette
Fave Dance of the night: Tied between Kayla & Kupono Contemporary and Jeanine & Brandon Jazz
My guess for Bottom Three: Melissa & Ade, Caitlin & Jason, Randi & Evan
Going home (sniff sniff): Caitlin and Ade? I just don't like to see them go home.


Vance said...

Oh, there's no way Ade is going home. They keep praising him. I think Kupono might be in trouble if he lands in bottom 3 but I doubt it. I think Jason is really the only one that might be in trouble. Evan is WAY too popular to be cut right now.

Linz McC said...

Yeah, I struggled with it. I KNOW it won't be Evan (if my bottom 3 is correct), but I just love Jason. So it is more wishful thinking (although Randi & Evan and Melissa & Ade are two of my fave couples).

Emily said...

I agree with Vance: no way Ade is going home. And I wonder if Ade and Melissa's popularity will be enough to keep them out of the bottom three, even though this was by far their weakest night.

It's hard to say who will go home (especially for the girls). But I think it will come down to whether Caitlin and Jason, or Kayla and Kupono are in the bottom three couples. As much as the judges love Kayla, I wouldn't be surprised if they pull a shocker and let her go (since her solos haven't been very impressive). But I think Caitlin and Jason are most at risk, since they haven't "clicked" very well this season.

Linz McC said...

So our bottom 3:
Caitlin & Jason
Jeanine & Phillip
Melssa & Ade

NO WAY are Melissa, Ade, or Jeanine going home after their solos.

Farewell to Caitlin & Phillip. I am glad to see Phillip go beause he just can't do anything well outside his own style (well, his jive last night was alright). But congrats to him for making it to the tour anyway (and Caitlin, too).