Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sam Worthington in 'Details' magazine

In his new interview with Details Magazine, we get a better understanding why we (and James Cameron) see Sam Worthington as both a sex symbol and a man's man.  Sam is one of my top actors right now. I first noticed him in Terminator Salvation, and then, of course, Avatar.  I also went back and watched his film from a few years ago called Somersault where he is sporting a very lovely mullet. I am looking forward to Clash of the Titans.  Basically, I am willing to watch any film he does at this point. But anyway, it's a really interesting interview, and Sam discusses how he was living in his car when he got cast for Avatar.

All that to say, the reason for my post is the pictures.   And here they are in all their glory!! Photos by Norman Jean Roy.

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Anonymous said...

I guess Avatar is the first movie I have seen him in...love his voice! yum!!