Thursday, October 01, 2009

Glee: Something to sing about

[OK, with my title I am automatically reminiscing to "Once More, With Feeling" the Buffy the Vampire Slayer musical, in which Buffy performs a number near the end called "Give Me Something to Sing About." It is actually quite sad. So now that I am done with that digression...]

Last night I watched Glee. My husband had nothing to do so he watched it with me for the first time. He makes fun of me for liking this show all the time. But while he didn't admit it, I know he liked it as I caught him laughing many times.

Anywho, the big deal about last night's show was that it had Tony-winning and, more recently, Emmy-winning actress/singer/all-around-amazing-gal Kristin Chenoweth guest starring as a washed up has been who shoulda made it big. Instead she was a flop and Will brings her back to help their glee club (now that Rachel has left to be in Cabaret).

Poor Rachel was used and abused by Finn, who had ulterior motives. It was kind of sad. You know he likes her but he obviously knew what he was doing. But what do you do when you have a knocked-up girlfriend?

The episode was great, very entertaining. If I could just keep a running tab of the great one-liners in this show... But I digress (again!). The focus of the show for me is the music. And how can I not post the duet between April (Cheno's character) and Will Shuester? This isn't the video. It is just audio but includes the whole song (it was cut short on the episode) which has Will singing a verse.

You can also listen to the full version of the foot-stomping "Somebody to Love."

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