Monday, August 31, 2009

Book Review: Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

A couple of months ago, I was getting a mani/pedi back in Texas and my nail lady (who is also a close family friend) insisted I take her copy of Outlander back to California with me to read. I constantly have a stack of books to read and it was kind of low on the list. But I decided I needed to read it so that I could give back to her on my next trip back to see my fam.

The basic story is that Claire is an English WWII nurse reunited post-war with her husband after six years apart. They visit Scotland on a trip together, where, after visiting an odd circle of stones connected with the Druids, she finds herself in the 18th century Scottish highlands. I don't want to give too much away, but some interesting things take place.

It sounds pretty cheesy, I know. But the writing really is not very cheesy. While this could have easily gone the "romance novel" route, it didn't. It stayed steeped in the history of the time and I was sucked right in. Granted, the romance aspect is there, and is important to the story, but I never felt at any point that if I looked on the front cover of the book, I might find a Fabio-look-a-like staring back at me. At first, I didn't realize it, but the book was almost 900 pages long. So it too me over a week to finish, even though I got sucked in rather quickly.

As my nail lady said, "It has something for everyone. It has action. It has history. It has romance. It has time-travel."

The good news/bad news is that there are like 6 books in this series (so far, and one more about to be released) and I am sucked in. So I am already about 1/3/ of the way through the second book Dragonfly in Amber.

Anyone else read this one?


Emily said...

I haven't heard of this series, but I should probably avoid it for now if all the books are 900 pages long. The time travel aspect of it sounds fun, though.

Carol said...

Hi I started reading this series in May this year and so far I am half way thru book six A Breath of Snow and Ashes...I love the adventure in these books as well the history that goes along with it I think Diana has done a wonderful job putting them together and I have found myself laughing and crying at some of the things that happen in each book. The characters seem so real and its funny because I feel like there is a connection like they are my family,  I made a posting about Outlander on another site a female member replied to me "good luck with the Outlander addiction" and that is what it feels like because I have had trouble putting down these books once I have finished reading one I have to go onto the next... I know you are going to love this story dont let the amount of pages frighten you off as some have up to 1400 if not more, I find them a pleasant escape from reality... But unfotunately my husband doesnt!