Friday, May 22, 2009

Fox and iTunes sitting in a tree

The powerhouse that is American Idol is responsible for 6 of the top 10 songs on iTunes as of right this minute.

While it is obvious that winner Kris Allen's new "victory" song No Boundaries would be on top (or, is it obvious since it is a pretty horrible song), but Kris also has his amazing version of Heartless and Ain't No Sunshine on the list. Also, no surprise that Adam Lambert's Mad World is on there (the one song of his I considered downloading myself).

But then you have the song Permanent which David Cook performed on the finale (about his brother, which was quite an emotional performance). And while I love the show Glee, I would say the success of the show was certainly assisted by its Idol lead in. And I love that Don't Stop Beleivin is doing so great on there (it is such a fun version of the song, especially in the context of teh show).

I bet Fox is making a KILLING from iTunes right now. Ultimately, this blog post is just a chance for me to say how happy I am Kris Allen won and how much I like him. Good luck to both Kris & Adam in the future.

I think I will throw a few videos of the above songs below:


Emily said...

I would also give credit to American Idol for Black Eye Peas' "Boom Boom Pow" being in this Top 10 list. Didn't they perform it on the finale? Fergie is in excellent shape, by the way.

Linz McC said...

Good point. I completely forgot about that And was I the only one that thought Fergie was going to fall on her face in those crazy shoes?