Monday, March 02, 2009

The End is Here - Pushing Daisies

Yes, I am aware that it has been quite some time since we learned that ABC wouldn't be renewing Pushing Daisies. I have come to terms with it over the last couple of months. And I was anxiously awaiting the final 3 episodes of the series, hoping for some closure. Of course, then we discover that ABC won't even be "burning off" the last three episodes on network TV, and we would have to wait for the DVD to see the final eps.

Indian television, however, doesn't have any reservations about playing the series through to its (all-too-soon) end, and I discovered that they were playing these final episodes over the last few weeks. While being sad it is over, I was also excited as we had been told that the series finale, while not originally intended to be a finale, would give us some closure.

Unfortunately, while the story progresses in a satisfactory way, addressing so many of the plot points that are still up in the air, it was clear that the writers tied up some loose ends just to say they were tied up. And things are rushed. The regular progression was quite enjoyable (and it was headed in a kind of new direction, had it not been canceled). I was glad to see it, but only reminded it was canceled way too early.

I believe this is the episode they were filming the day I saw Lee Pace (!) and David Arquette at the WB lot. If I remember correctly, it was on their very last day of filming. The good news is that I don't think a single one of these actors will be looking for work for long.


dorsey said...
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dorsey said...

your thought is very nice.i love pushing daisies tv show . i watch pushing daisies every season and episode