Thursday, January 15, 2009

Some Random Thoughts

First off, I leave today to go out of the country. I am excited and terrified. I am not sure how it will affect my blog-posting. I'll let you know once I get there and find out what kind of internet connection I have.

Next up, East of Eden. Hollywood has decided to do another remake. For starters, let me say that East of Eden is one of my favorite all-time books. I know most people prefer Steinbeck's bleak Grapes of Wrath, but pitiful Cal wins my affection every time. The story is heartbreaking, and I guess I just can't resist it. But is a remake necessary? Will they ruin it? Can someone possibly step into the shoes of James Dean as Cal? The person writing the screenplay (Christopher Hampton) is the same guy that adapted Atonement, so there is a check in the "positives" column. And having read the book, there is a lot more that could be put into a movie nowadays that would have been censored out in the 1950's. We'll have to see. I will await casting before I cast any further judgment.

Speaking of remakes, there will now be a remake of The Karate Kid. Ugh... Jackie Chan will be Mr. Miyagi. I probably could have called that. But why oh why does Jaden Smith have to play the title character? And does it seem to anyone else that this all just seems like a bad (and annoying) idea?

Arrested Development, The Movie is put on hold, again. It seems the writers want to wait and see if they can get Michael Cera to sign on before they write the screenplay. I say, pay him what he wants because the Bluth family isn't complete without our sweet innocent George Michael.

I just got the Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack. It is great so far. More to come on that later!


Esther said...

Have a safe trip and a great time!

I agree with you about Arrested Development and The Karate Kid.

And I love Steinbeck's nonfiction book, "Travels with Charley."

Vance said...

Love Steinbeck. Probably my favorite classic author.

WHY oh WHY does Jaden Smith get everything? (I know why but still). Ugh, it's pathetic and lame.

Brad said...

A Karate Kid remake? Already?! Shouldn't they wait another 20 years before they do that? Wait a minute... I don't think it's necessary to remake it at all. Particularly with Jackie Chan as Mr. Miyagi!